How RLL differentiates itself from the competition…

We have always relied on our internal teams to generate strategy, why outsource and why RLL?

In a bid to promote internal stability and harmony, organizations tend to convene like-minded personnel with analogous perspectives that align with organizational ‘culture’. The goal of building a cohesive culture, however, can handicap the type of divergent thinking needed to predict, reframe, and solve intractable challenges. We infuse creative disruption to the status quo where and when you need it the most.

How will RLL approach our challenges in a unique way we have yet to consider?

All organizations possess certain blindspots to factors beyond their area of expertise, which is why we convene thought leaders who possess unique experiences, education, and disparate perspectives to help you see the entire gamut of possible solutions.

What are the deficiencies inherent in other consultant agencies?

The majority of analysts deployed by the leading consulting institutions embody a homogenized  body of education and limited industry experience. When these teams are then paired with a  formulaic model of assessment and analysis, deployed over and again for months at a time regardless of industry or problem-set, the potential for unique and groundbreaking insights is severely limited.

What can we expect from the RLL discovery experience and format of consultation?

The key differentiator is the immersive nature in which we integrate our elite creatives with your core team in a collaborative setting designed to foster fresh insights. Rather than blindly commissioning  a team to work in isolation from your organization, this experiential approach manifests innumerable insights and advantages when dealing with the problem hands-on in a creative atmosphere and a time-budget demanding of immediate impact.