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We serve as the nexus between the entertainment and national security industries, bringing entertainment industry expertise, creativity, and solutions to national security challenges. Our Deep Applied Creativity™ methodology and unparalleled convening authority aligns world leading subject matter experts from the entertainment, technology, and national security sectors to assess and solve complex challenges. 


Our Team

The RL Leaders team has 15+ years of experience in government, national security, military affairs, and emerging technologies, bringing an unrivaled ability to convene and lead the best and brightest minds from all sectors in an unparalleled deployment of intel, insight, and innovation-on-demand. 


Our Network

We are futurists, political leaders, retired generals, SES members, filmmakers, PHDs, designers, academics, technologists, CEOs, subject matter experts, and more. We curate a custom mix of elite thought leaders from our nationwide network to identify and assess your organization's complex challenges resulting in groundbreaking innovation.


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive slate of services built around the principles of both deep machine learning and the collaborative creative process. Our ability to help your organization Conceptualize, Visualize, and Productize sustainable solutions is powered by our Deep Applied Creativity ™ methodology. This multidisciplinary, immersive, and iterative approach to rapid problem solving is central to everything we do.

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Our Work

We love solving problems. And we do it well. We are most effective when addressing problems on a clock—where failure to solve something quickly puts lives and institutions at risk. We care about the world and want to make it better.