I recently had the privilege to join the wonderful team over at The Leadership Podcast to discuss leadership and a slew of other topics.

Here are some of the takeaways, along with the full recording below.

[3:45] If you don’t have revenue, you’re not a business. Leaders often find themselves so busy working in the business that they end up not working on the business. The same holds true in government.

[7:15] Whether it be non-profit, business, or government, they’re not making conscious time to create space for the long-term picture and the health of the organization. A piece of this is that they don’t know how and they don’t have the discipline.

[12:05] The Cassandra Syndrome is something that occurs when you know what’s going to happen, but nobody believes you. This applies to things like climate change and artificial intelligence.

[14:30] Our society has become so wonderfully specialized, but that can also get in our way.

[15:35] Today’s problems require multiple heads with multiple expertise to solve for.

[16:15] In order to get holistic thinking into an organization, it first starts with getting some creatives in the door.

[18:55] In order to break out of silos within your organization, you need to have diversity of thought.

[23:55] John immerses a wide variety of people in a room for a couple of days and doesn’t give them a break. This is to see how they work under pressure.

[26:35] John’s coach made him go through an exercise to use three words to describe himself in all areas of life. It was a tough challenge because of all the words that you end up leaving behind.

[34:45] John shares a little bit about the stem cell work he did with actor Michael J. Fox.