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We are driven to Discover, Display, and Deliver solutions, resources, and support that will improve the lives of generations to come. From charitable giving to strategic non-profit partnerships, we strive to do better with and for our global community.

Operating Principles & Values

  • Solving Complex Challenges
  • Supporting Purpose-Driven Organizations
  • Sustaining Solutions for a Greater Good

Charitable Contributions

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La Ciel Foundation aims to catalyse a rapid shift in paradigm, to evolve to a way of living and being based on spirituality, ecology and oneness. To create this better world, they focus on three foundational pillars:

  • Education because learning to understand and navigate this reality with the right tools is a daily requirement to fulfilling our essence and soul, and growing as human beings.

  • Inclusion because it’s time to let go of the separation system has embedded throughout society, to finally embrace the rich complexity of oneness

  • Preservation because we are grateful for what we receive from Nature and for the infinite source of knowledge and the privileged experience of living in this world of matter.

“The ever present sense of respect and quality of listening, enable RL Leaders to always ask the right question, with the right words to lead us to the right answer, at the right time. This expertise has been a big help and has allowed us to make great strides under the gaze of a benevolent eye.”

Sophie Monpeyssen

Co-founder & CEO, La Ciel Foundation


Film2Future (F2F) is a nonprofit, professional-level filmmaking program for under-served teenagers in Los Angeles. Their mission is to diversify the entertainment industry workforce and inspire future filmmakers..

  • Film2Future was born from an immersive RLL-hosted Discovery workshop designed to inspire education access to underserved communities

  • In 2016, F2F was awarded $150K by DHS to fund the organization and its efforts, and to date, has helped secure 55 paid internships for our students.

  • Over the last six years, 125 students have completed the F2F program, earneing over $1 million in scholarships to 4-year, accredited institutions, with 100% of eligible students placed in paid positions.

“Film2Future was directly born from an RL Leaders workshop. They nurtured the idea, secured our first government grant and helped run our first-year program in 2016. As we pivoted to a 501c3, RL Leaders continued to support our mission by directly contributing to our program, ensuring our student;s success. There truly would be no Film2Future without RL Leaders support, belief and guidance in how to go from a germ of an idea to a successful zero-barrier-to-entry program changing the lives of LA youth. “

Rachel Miller

Founder, Film2Future


Founded in Boston and now based in Hanover, Massachusetts, the Brain Aneurysm Foundation is the globally recognized leader in brain aneurysm awareness, education, support, advocacy, and research funding.

  • In 2019, RLL led an immersive ‘Discovery’ workshop in which we convened elite creatives, subject matter experts, along with BAF’s team of advocates, survivors, and medical professionals.

  • This Discovery sprint led to the ideation and formation of their ‘Stop the Pop’ awareness campaign, garnering thousands of engagements and activations across the world.

  • We currently advise on their board of directors and are actively engaged in supporting their various fundraising and policy-driven initiatives, including ‘Ellie’s Law’.

“Having the opportunity to engage with RLL for our strategic panel was an amazing experience.  It provided the BAF a unique venue to brainstorm with professionals from diverse backgrounds we would never have been privy to with RLL  We left with something tangible to bring back to our office and execute.  I would recommend this exercise to any nonprofit as it is truly an invigorating process for all involved.”

Christine Buckley

Executive Director, Brain Aneurysm Foundation

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