The Nexus of Entertainment & National Security Communities

We bring Hollywood’s expertise, creativity, and solutions to national security challenges. For over 15 years, when faced with difficult challenges and finite deadlines, over 20 government agencies have turned to us to Discover, Display and Deliver innovative solutions for the greater good.

Who We Are

We bring a balance of creative imagination and dynamic problem-solving to the nation’s most critical challenges. Our lean approach is designed to navigate the complex government landscape Our network of futurists, political leaders, filmmakers, PHDs, designers, academics, technologists, CEOs, and subject matter experts, bring diverse creativity and thought leadership on a time budget, operating with the utmost discretion and urgency. 

What We Do

We are at our best solving complex challenges with national implications. We achieve this by developing and delivering world class solutions, content and products to the government, military affairs, and national intelligence communities. In the face of urgency and uncertainty, our nation’s top agencies turn to us to Discover, Display, and Deliver mission-critical solutions where they need it, when they need it.

How We Work

RLL created the Deep Applied Creativity™ process (DAC) to harness the power of human creativity by balancing right and left (R/L) brain thinking for creative problem-solving. Aligning the best-in-class development model of Hollywood with cutting edge emerging technologies DAC is proven to help your organization break-through tough challenges and provide the path forward.



Deep Applied Creativity Panels

Media Forensics & Analysis

Deep Fake Detection & Manipulation

Media Metadata Forensics 

The Writer's Roundtable Workshop



Real-time CG + GFX Animation

VFX Algorithms & Solutions 

Immersive Video + Audio Training Content

Role Playing Simulations & Training

Real-time Facial Tracking & Mapping




Full Scale Immersive Training Simulators 

Modular Physical Training Environments 

Professional Services &  Staff Augmentation

Deep Learning Pipeline

Develop, Build, Manage Immersive Experiences


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