Through a series of Virtual Mixed-Tables we have convened a robust network of creatives and subject matter experts to explore critical insights and solutions in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our goal is to provide change management and preparedness leadership for purpose-driven organizations and industries across the public and private sectors.

Who We Are

RL Leaders strength is imagining the future. We’ve built our creative process to imagine a vision of the future that is unique and difficult for any individual person or organization to do in house. We are really good at imagining how the future might emerge and identifying the challenges and opportunities that future holds. From there we develop solutions..

What We Do

During this discussion, we hope to imagine what the future environment of National Security, Healthcare, Education, Public Policy, and beyond will look like and identify the challenges and opportunities within. In this series of virtual mixed-tables we will provide an agile and collaborative forum to explore and investigate critical pandemic issues and implications that face our society.

Deep Applied Creativity™


Our process for harnessing the power of visionary thinking and transforming it into custom tools and technologies that deliver sustainable success. This process is applied to our immersive discovery panels that help your organization uncover breakthrough insights and ideas that challenge the status quo

Our Discovery process is the first step in solving your complex challenges. We understand the intricate nature of government change and bring together the perfect mix of creative minds and industry experts to deliver immediate results. We believe true innovation is born when the Right Brain meets Left Brain to form creative insights and holistic solutions.

Your new idea is only successful if and when it’s adopted by your community and constituents. Our Display process shows the potential impact and opportunities of these solutions to begin the transformation towards future success. We help you tell the right story, to the right people, to get the right results.

Now it’s time to put your solutions into action. Whether it’s immersive training scenarios, battle drill simulations, or AR/VR custom technologies (and everything in between), we will Deliver the groundbreaking solutions you need to start making an impact now and applying groundbreaking change for the future.


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