At the end of July, more than 200 of the world’s boldest and most diverse thought leaders gathered in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire over 4 days to examine the past, assess the present and explore the future of the global economy. It was beyond wonderful to be a keynote speaker and participate with so many talented professionals to discuss and debate the challenges we as a society face. It was an amazing week!

Seventy-five years ago, delegates from around the world met in the same location to design a monetary system for the post-war era. Their work remains at the cornerstone of many of the global institutions that exist today.

However, the world we live in now is vastly different from those post-war years. The challenges we face are enormous. Bold new thinking is required to design a new global economic framework to not only serve as a tool for the exchange of goods, but also to care for the world in which we live and those who inhabit it.

My view is that we won’t be able to tackle these challenges without the right minds at the table. Economists, policy makers, businesses, societal input, creative minds to name but a few. In other words, holistic thinking around a proverbial mixed table.

The Bretton Woods 75 Conference was a great step towards that. The mix of minds and positions at the conference was incredible. The week far exceeded my expectations. The conference was the most engaging, well produced, thought provoking, personally enriching and fun event I’ve attended. It literally took holistic thinking to a new level by including a splendid mix of heart, mind, body and soul.

Holistic thinking can be achieved even in today’s often polarized world. We are all able to break through our own rigidity of thought and learn from other’s perspectives. By exploring a wide variety of perspectives and challenging the status quo, diverse teams of experts are able to reach the “a-ha” moment. I’ve seen and experienced these paradigm shifts throughout my career. The thinkers, doers, subject matter experts and creative minds attending the Bretton Wood 75 Conference proved once again that it’s not just magic but rather the Power of Perspective that can change the world.

Stay tuned for more on the Power of Perspective and how you can incorporate holistic thinking to solve your biggest challenges. The team’s been working on great new content for the Fall. Until then, enjoy the last days of summer!