Deep Applied Creativity – RL Leaders

Deep Applied Creativity®

Our Deep Applied Creativity® methodology melds the imaginations and creative processes of our network with the expertise and experiences of our clients to inspire infinite possibilites.


    • ASSESS and reframe the problem framework and define the context of implications, stakeholders, and opportunities.
    • ASSEMBLE those who can deliver unique insights amidst solution exploration, in collaboration with whomever owns the problem.
    • IDEATE potential solutions, disruptive opportunities, and insights. Outline alternative futures given potential solutions sets.
    • DEFINE the best solutions by aligning perspectives and creating immersive problem solving experiences.


    • FORMULATE the solution in a narrative format. Describe how the solution solves the problem.
    • PROTOTYPE the solution in a visual format (3D printed, VR, AR, Film etc.) that creates a tangible example of the improved future state.
    • DEVELOP the narrative and visual renderings together, creating an emotionally compelling and convincing argument for the future state.


    • ENGAGE a comprehensive solution that alters thinking and problem-solving, while encouraging innovation and
      evolution to changing environments, threats, and opportunities.
    • BUILD working prototypes that allow the solution to be field-tested and scaled for a range of contextual scenarios and criteria.
    • DEPLOY comprehensive solutions and enduring advisory support to ensure every customer need is met today and into the future.

Imagine the Possibilities

    • Novel Solutions : Deep Applied Creativity® expands the available options for action, including inventive solutions or the imaginative application of existing capabilities, rigorously developed and refined through our multidisciplinary RL Leaders creative and subject matter expert network.
    • Divergent Perspectives : Deep Applied Creativity® analyzes the assumptions and premise for an existing viewpoint. By applying creative processes to our adversaries, we can better understand their motives and mitigate the  “failure of imagination”  that has resulted in countless unforeseen attacks.
    • Predictive Imagining: Our network of creatives provides world-class capabilities to imagine and visualize future scenarios, threats, and realities, even in the context of limited, imperfect information. The ability to extrapolate and envision the realm of possible futures is essential to protect and preserve our nation.
    • Compelling Narratives: The foundation of Deep Applied Creativity® is impactful storytelling. Expertly crafted stories can inspire, influence, and unite – and they can be delivered to an audience of allies and adversaries alike.